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Application Management Platform
based on IaC

Walrus is an open-source application management platform that simplifies application deployment and management on any infrastructure. It helps platform engineers build golden paths for developers and empowers developers with self-service capabilities.


Resource Definition Empowers
Developer Self-Service

Resouce Definition is one of core components in Walrus. Combined with IaC templates, matching rules, pre-set parameters, and UI Schema, resource definitions empower developers to self-deploy infrastructures that meet cost, operational, and security requirements.


Why Walrus ?

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    Multi-Cloud Portability

    A single resource type can be translated into cloud-specific resources that operate in various modes and environments, from development to production.

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    Dynamic Environment Management

    Walrus allows you to start/stop and clone application resources or environments as needed, enhancing hardware resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.

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    Enable Developer Self-Service

    By leveraging resource definitions provided by ops team, dev team can define resource type requirements and achieve self-service.

Application Management Platform


Elevate Your Platform Engineering, Reduce complexities of Infrastructure

  • AI Assisstance
  • Extensible Architecture
  • Unified Orchestration
  • Single Pane of Glass
  • ai-assistance
    AI Assisstance
    • Manage applications and troubleshoot with natural language interaction through Appilot, an open-source AI DevOps agent supporting Walrus and Kubernetes
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    Extensible Architecture
    • Terraform/OpenTofu templates and deployers are supported currently. Walrus will expand its IaC templates and deployers support in the future.
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    Unified Orchestration
    • Walrus manages your entire application system, including application services and resource dependencies like databases, cache, load balancers, and networks.
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    Single Pane of Glass
    • Walrus offers a comprehensive view of your application system, including all resources and sub-components, in a dependency graph.
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Rich Open Source Ecosystem and Extensibility

Walrus can integrate with a variety of tools such as Terraform, Helm, and Kustomize. By reusing the rich capabilities from the open-source ecosystems of Terraform and Kubernetes, it is highly extensible to meet the diverse needs of enterprises.


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