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Seal Simplifies Cloud-Native Deployment with Walrus

Seal Simplifies Cloud-Native Deployment with Walrus


Walrus, an open-source application platform based on IaC, continues to evolve towards simplifying the process of application deployment and management on any infrastructure. Each new release delivers features and enhancements that improve the velocity of software development through a platform engineering approach. This empowers developers with self-service capabilities, making their work easier.

This week, we are excited to announce the release of Walrus 0.6! The new features, available in this version, are designed to simplify infrastructure complexities and make application deployment more flexible and intuitive.

The preceding two releases, Walrus 0.4 and Walrus 0.5, introduced a new application model and improved the out-of-the-box product experience. Operators can easily configure matching rules and UI schema in Resource Definitions, an abstraction layer, while developers have the convenience of creating a Walrus File, a concise YAML structure, to deploy applications and resources across any infrastructure in a self-service manner.

Based on the previous enhancements, Walrus 0.6 introduces two important features that advance the project’s usability and functionality:

  • Expand support for additional cloud providers. The latest release allows for the inclusion of Azure and GCP as cloud provider types in the connector, catering to organizations' multi-cloud strategies. This provides greater flexibility to utilize Walrus across a wider range of cloud infrastructures, enabling you to select the most suitable option for your specific needs.

  • Enhance user-friendly interaction. Preview changes before upgrading resources to make informed decisions and ensure a smoother transition. Managing project members is easier with the ability to add members in batches, saving time and streamlining collaboration.

Next Step: Efforts on Kubernetes

Since the first release, Walrus has been dedicated to simplifying application management using a platform engineering approach, reducing the cognitive load on developers and operators to address the current complex IT challenges.

In the upcoming releases, Walrus will focus on K8s integration and develop more powerful features to simplify deployment for cloud-native developers:

  • Native Support for Kubernetes CRD: Walrus will natively support the Kubernetes CRD, integrating seamlessly to enhance the developer experience and streamline resource management in Kubernetes environments.

  • Dedicated Walrus Helm Chart: A dedicated Walrus Helm Chart will simplify the installation process, providing an intuitive and standardized way to set up and configure Walrus on Kubernetes clusters.

  • Helm as a New Deployer: In addition to Terraform and OpenTofu, Helm will be supported as a new deployer. This integration allows users to use their preferred deployment tool while taking advantage of the full power of Walrus.

These initiatives aim to empower developers, streamline deployment processes, and foster a more agile and efficient collaboration within Walrus. Please stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead as we continue to innovate and enhance the Walrus experience for developers and operators.

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