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Walrus v0.2 Released: Bringing Application Deployment Experience to the next level


Walrus v0.2 has been officially released!

Walrus is a sophisticated application deployment and management platform based on the concept of platform engineering. It was first launched in April this year. In the previous version, we introduced features such as simplified service template code generation with ChatGPT, cloud cost visualization, and dynamic environment management. Walrus aims to provide a user-friendly and consistent application management and deployment experience for development and operations teams by reducing the complexity of infrastructure maintenance.

Now Walrus v0.2 offers enhanced capabilities for application and environment deployment management, streamlines interactive operations, and provides vital support for enterprise users to implement in production environments. This version further simplifies the experience of application deployment and management.

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Powerful Application and Environment Deployment Management Capabilities

As cloud-native technologies grow and develop, IT architectures within organizations are becoming more complex and it leads an expansion in IT team. Application environment configuration becomes complex in the context of multi-team collaboration and it makes application and environment deployment one of the vital challenges faced by product teams.

Application and environment deployment management is the core of Walrus. It simplifies the application and environment deployment process, accelerates application delivery, and ensures application stability and consistency across environments by providing diversified application runtime support and flexible application definition capabilities at the upper layer based on service templates.

Ease of Using Application Deployment Management

In the previous version, users could unify the management of multiple deployment instances from the application system dimension, thus simplifying application management and facilitating seamless collaboration among development teams. This feature has been enhanced in Walrus v0.2:

 Supporting Comparison of service configuration change history: Walrus v0.2 introduces a configuration change history comparison feature that enables users to easily view and compare changes to application configurations. This feature does not only help to quickly pinpoint problems, but also provide a traceable history to ensure the security and reliability of configuration changes.


Service configuration change history comparison

  Providing Batch and cross-environment cloning services: Users can easily copy existing service configurations to single or multiple target environments, and at the same time, Walrus v0.2 allows users to define cloned service parameters so that developers and DevOps engineers have no need to deal with configuration tasks.

The introduction of this feature ensures the consistency of service configurations across environments and improves the reliability of software delivery.


Cloning services

 Optimizing the operation interaction of services and resources: Walrus v0.2 improves the operation interaction of services and resources, and users can quickly deploy and manage application services and resources via simplified operation processes. The introduction of this feature will greatly improve productivity, make it easier to control and operate the services and resources required by the application.

Enhanced Dynamic Environment Management Capabilities

To gain more competitive advantages among the enterprises in software industry, hybrid environment deployment has become an inevitable choice for most businesses when it comes to application delivery and release. Managing multiple environments for development, testing and production seems to be a great challenge.

Walrus v0.1 provides a dynamic environment management feature, it allows developers to deploy applications on their own without knowing the details of the underlying environment. In Walrus v0.2, this feature has been further enhanced:

 Supporting project-level environment/connector management: Users can set up and manage configurations for different environments and connectors according to the needs of the project with more granular control. The introduction of this feature enables product teams to more efficiently manage and configure environments and connectors for different projects.

  Supporting display environment dependency diagram: there are dependencies between different services within the environment, Walrus v0.2 can present the relationship between different components and services in a visual way. With the help of dependency graph, users can understand the dependency relationship of the components within the environment more clearly and operate the related resources directly to optimize the deployment process and improve the stability of the overall system.


Environment Dependency Graph

•  Supporting cloning environments: Cloning environments allows users to quickly create a new environment based on the configuration and services of an existing environment, including application-related services and infrastructure resources in the environment. After the cloned environment is created, users can use the environment in application management, and the cloned services will be automatically orchestrated and deployed according to dependencies. Therefore, workflow could be optimized and it effectively saves time and effort.


Cloning environment

•  Support multi-level variable configuration: In Walrus v0.2, users can set and manage variables or ciphertexts at three levels: global, project and environment, and variables at different levels get automatic inheritance. This feature makes variable management more convenient and flexible for applications in different environments. Users, therefore, can easily cope with the configuration needs in different environments and ensure the reliability and security of applications.

Optimizing Operations and Interactions

To further increase the flexibility and control of interaction, Walrus v0.2 introduces the Seal CLI (command line tool). The CLI allows users to interact with the platform and perform various operations such as deploying applications, managing services and environments, and etc. The introduction of this feature provides users with a higher degree of customization and automation.


Core Support for Production Environment

In order to help enterprise users create and use the production environment, Walrus v0.2 provides Kubernetes high availability (HA) installation and deployment, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and multi-tenant management. Users can easily deploy reliable and stable K8s clusters, and implement strict role and permission control via RBAC. At the same time, resource isolation and management flexibility could be realized by utilizing multi-tenant management. The combination of features provides higher level of security and manageability for production environments.


RBAC and multi-tenancy management

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Based on the concept of platform engineering, separating the concerns of developers and DevOps, and standardizing the software delivery process can effectively help product teams improve efficiency.

After in-depth commmunication with business clients and dig in user pain points, Walrus v0.2 further enhancs its core capabilities, continuously simplifies the application deployment experience, reduces the workload of development and DevOps teams, improves the development experience, and provides an internal platform for the team.

After in-depth commmunication with business clients and dig in user pain points, Walrus v0.2 further enhancs its core capabilities, continuously simplifies the application deployment experience, reduces the workload of development and DevOps teams, improves the development experience, and provides an internal platform for the team.

If you are interested in Walrus and would like to learn more about, download, install and use this new unified application deployment management platform, please visit:


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