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New Release: Elevate Your Application Deployment Management with Walrus

New Release: Elevate Your Application Deployment Management with Walrus

Seal made an exciting announcement with the launch of Walrus, a cutting-edge unified application deployment management platform. Walrus is designed with the principles of platform engineering, aiming to simplify the intricacies of infrastructure operations and deliver an effortless application management and deployment experience to developers and DevOps teams.

Platform Engineering is a strategic approach geared towards reducing the complexities and uncertainties inherent in modern software delivery. Its core focus lies in optimizing the developer experience and expediting the rate at which product teams can deliver value to their customers.

Walrus achieves this by offering developers an abstracted upper layer that shields them from the intricacies of infrastructure management. It boasts support for heterogeneous infrastructure, enables multi-deployment management of applications, and excels in Day2 Operation capabilities.

Additionally, it streamlines the creation of application modules by harnessing the power of OpenAI's GPT. This not only simplifies the development process but also reduces the burden of intricate and mundane tasks, ultimately accelerating the application delivery process for users. With Walrus, the path to efficient application deployment is clearer than ever.

A Distinctive Framework for Application Deployment Management

As cloud-native technology experiences a significant surge in the industry, a growing number of organizations are transitioning their operations to the cloud and embracing cloud native for application deployment. However, the prospect of fully migrating all business operations to the cloud entails certain risks. Consequently, many organizations are opting for hybrid IT architectures, a decision that can introduce heightened complexity into their IT landscapes.

According to research, due to the increasing complexity of systems, developers waste 25% of their time on application operations. To reduce such complexity, alleviate the burden on development and operations teams, and optimize the application deployment experience, Walrus offers the following capabilities:

  • Support for Heterogeneous Infrastructure: Walrus embraces a diverse range of infrastructures, spanning both traditional and cloud-native deployments. It seamlessly integrates with any Kubernetes cluster, public cloud, or private cloud infrastructure, facilitating the deployment and management of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud applications within a unified framework.

  • Upper-Tier Abstraction for Infrastructure:Walrus introduces a powerful upper-tier abstraction that shields developers from the complexities of infrastructure management, including Kubernetes and various cloud services. This empowers developers to enjoy the consistent application management experience as DevOps experts without requiring in-depth infrastructure knowledge.

  • Application Multi-Deployment Management: Users can effortlessly oversee multiple deployment instances, streamlining the management of applications and fostering enhanced collaboration among developers.

  • Exceptional Day2 Operation Capabilities: Walrus excels in Day2 DevOps capabilities, covering the entire software lifecycle from application launch to its eventual end. It offers a comprehensive suite of functions, including application deployment, upgrades, destruction, debugging, log viewing, and remote Shell connection.

  • Flexible Integration: Walrus offers seamless integration options. It can be directly incorporated into existing CI/CD pipelines or integrated as a functional module within an internal developer platform, ensuring adaptability to your organization's unique needs.

  • Dynamic Environment Management:Environments serve as the deployment targets for applications, and Walrus simplifies the process. With its environment management feature, developers can autonomously deploy applications without delving into the intricacies of the underlying environment. Seal's application abstraction can be deployed across multiple sets and environments, offering flexibility and convenience.

Streamlined Service Templates Generation with LLM

The service template within Walrus adhere to the principle of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), enabling users to efficiently reuse and embody best practices from the realms of software development and DevOps.

In its latest iteration, Walrus has integrated ChatGPT, empowering users to craft application module code simply by providing natural language descriptions. Users can also rectify errors and interpret the generated code, further simplifying the application deployment process.

Moreover, Walrus's service template exhibit excellent scalability and seamless integration with mainstream platforms and systems. By offering and supporting these service templates, Walrus effectively mitigates infrastructure complexities, allowing development and DevOps teams to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Comprehensive Cloud Cost Visualization for Enhanced FinOps

As per the Flexera State of the Cloud 2023 Report, a publication spanning 12 consecutive years, it's evident that for the first time, FinOps has emerged as the primary challenge confronting cloud decision-makers. Additionally, internal estimates from survey participants reveal that organizations squander an average of 28% of their cloud expenditure. Consequently, effective cost management has assumed critical importance for these organizations.

Walrus addresses this challenge by offering cost computation and allocation for resource-related expenses, including shared costs like management expenses, within the cloud-native environment. Furthermore, Walrus boasts an integrated multi-dimensional cost analysis view, furnishing users with valuable insights into their expenditure.

Users also have the flexibility to tailor cost views based on dimensions such as clusters, projects, and applications. By providing multifaceted and multi-dimensional cost visualization, Walrus empowers enterprises to curb expenses and enhance operational efficiency.


Experience the Power of Walrus Today!

As the demand for automated testing and development tools continues to rise, so does the complexity of software and systems. To maintain the efficiency of business development, enterprises must implement measures to prevent developer and DevOps burnout. Platform engineering emerges as one of the most effective solutions to address these challenges.

Seal is committed to ongoing exploration and development of user-friendly platform engineering solutions. These solutions aim to alleviate the cognitive burden on developers and simplify DevOps tasks, ultimately unlocking the full creative potential of the entire team and accelerating business innovation.


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