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Appilot Release: an AI assistant Designed for DevOps


Appilot - Chat to deploy and manage applications on any infra | Product Hunt

Appilot Release: an AI assistant Designed for DevOps

Today, Seal has proudly announced the launch of Appilot, this is an AI assistant tailored for DevOps scenarios. This groundbreaking product harnesses the formidable capabilities of AI large language models to deliver a transformative experience in application management and deployment to users. Appilot empowers users to execute tasks such as application management, environment management, fault diagnose, and hybrid infrastructure orchestration seamlessly through natural language commands.


George Qin, Co-founder and CEO of Seal, emphasized, "AI technology is now permeating every corner of the IT industry, and this momentum is irreversible. Throughout this year, numerous enterprise clients have urgently conveyed their requirement for AI to optimize their internal DevOps operations. As a result, we are introducing Appilot to assist development and operations teams in achieving streamlined application deployment and management."

GitHub Page:

Unleashing AI's Power to Streamline Application Deployment and Management

As enterprise technology architectures evolve, DevOps tasks are becoming progressively intricate and burdensome, resulting in escalating implementation and maintenance expenses, which are a source of frustration for both developers and operations personnel. Last month, Seal took a step towards addressing this issue with the open-source application deployment management platform, Walrus, which, by decoupling development and operations concerns and simplifying infrastructure utilization, began to mitigate these challenges. The introduction of Appilot further streamlines the application deployment and management experience.


Appilot operates on a large language model and it is capable of running locally on a personal computer. Users have the flexibility to integrate Appilot into any platform according to their preferences and routines, enabling them to effortlessly trigger backend platform functions by simply employing natural language commands. Specific features encompass:

  • Application Management: With Appilot, you can effortlessly carry out tasks such as deploying, upgrading, rolling back, and reviewing application logs through natural language interactions, obviating the need for laborious manual procedures.

  • Environment Management: Appilot facilitates environment cloning and dependency inspection, simplifying complex environment management tasks through straightforward commands.

  • Diagnose: In the event of system anomalies, Appilot's troubleshooting and repair capabilities expedite issue identification and resolution.

  • Safeguard: Acknowledging the paramount importance of security, Appilot provides domain-specific responses and necessitates approval for any operations capable of altering the system's status, ensuring protection against unauthorized access.

  • Hybrid Infrastructure Orchestration: Appilot seamlessly integrates with diverse infrastructures, enabling the execution of applications in varied environments, including various cloud services and container platforms.

  • Multilingual Support: Interacting with Appilot is possible in languages including, but not limited to, Chinese and English.

  • Pluggable Backend:Aligned with an open-source and open philosophy, Appilot permits backend customization to cater to specific requirements.

100% Open Source, Welcome to Try!

Seal remains dedicated to its open-source principles and commitments. The Appilot project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license, and you can download and install Appilot by visiting the project's GitHub repository.    
You are more than welcomed to give it a go and star the project on GitHub:


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