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Walrus Earns Its Spot in the CNCF Landscape!

Walrus Earns Its Spot in the CNCF Landscape!

We are thrilled to announce that Walrus, developed by Seal, has achieved a significant milestone by being included in the CNCF Landscape under the Application Definition & Image Build category. A huge thanks to everyone who has shown their support by giving Walrus a star!

The CNCF Landscape plays a pivotal role in gathering and categorizing projects that span the entire cloud-native applications development lifecycle. It serves as a valuable reference for organizations looking to build cloud-native architectures and offers a comprehensive map of cloud-native resources for IT practitioners.

Now Walrus is officially part of the CNCF Landscape, which means CNCF recognized it as a brick of cloud native best practices.

Walrus is an application management platform, open sourced in August 2023. It has been committed to adopting platform engineering methods, simplifying infrastructure, and fostering seamless collaboration between developers and operators.

In comparison to other platforms, Walrus stands out with its robust support for the creation, configuration, and deployment management of both infrastructure resources (computing, networking, storing, etc.) and application-level services (containerized and non-containerized). It achieves a unified orchestration of various service modules and dependency resource modules within the entire application systems.

By configuring match rules, templates, parameters, and UI Schema including in Resource Definitions, operators provide multiple resource types to developers.

Developers, in turn, can effortlessly craft Resource objects, specifying resource types and basic configuration information, enabling the automation of resource creation and utilization in different environments for rapid application system deployment. It is not essential for developers to comprehend the technical details. Single walrus file definition can be applied on any infrastructure (on-prem PC, private cloud, public cloud, etc.).

Additionally, Walrus builds a unified abstraction layer on top of multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure through Resource Definitions. This empowers operators to choose the right infrastructure components and pre-provision them, reducing the complexity for developers, who can now create and apply resources in various environments without delving into technical details under the hood.

Key features that make Walrus a standout in the CNCF Landscape include:

  • Dynamic Environment Management:Start/stop and clone resources or environments as needed, boosting resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Single Pane of Glass:Walrus offers a comprehensive view of your application system, including all resources and sub-components, in a dependency graph.

  • Extensible Architecture: Currently supporting Terraform/OpenTofu templates and deployers, Walrus is committed to expanding its IaC templates and deployer support in the future.

  • AI Assistance:Manage applications and troubleshoot with natural language interaction through Appilot, an open-source AI DevOps agent supporting Walrus and Kubernetes as backend.

“This opportunity will undoubtedly enhance the global adoption of Walrus. We extend a warm welcome to developers worldwide to collaborate with us in expanding the possibilities of Walrus. At Seal, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the cloud-native space and providing an exceptional experience for developers. Together, we can achieve remarkable feats,” said George Qin, Co-Founder and CEO of Seal.

100% Open source, Get started now!

Walrus is fully open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Get started and deploy Walrus now with the following command on your laptop with Docker installed:

    sudo docker run -d --privileged --restart=always -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 30000-30100:30000-30100 --name walrus sealio/walrus:v0.5.1

Check us out on Github and give us a star if you dig what we're doing!

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