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Seal's First Livestream is on Cloud Native Live!

Seal's First Livestream is on Cloud Native Live!

Our first livestream is LIVE on Cloud Native Live, organized by CNCF! Here is the abstract of this live:

Modern cloud architectures, such as PaaS services, microservices, and serverless, have increased the complexity of managing modern applications and the cognitive load on developers. Platform engineering is a practice that enables the development team to deploy and manage their application services and dependent infrastructure resources on a self-service basis. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a crucial component of platform engineering practices. In this livestream, we will demonstrate how to use Seal Walrus (an open-source application platform) and OpenTofu to enable developer self-service, reduce complexity, manage polymorphic resources, and provide unified orchestration.


Peng Jiang

Co-founder & COO, Seal

He worked as the Technical Director for SUSE and Rancher Labs in Greater China, as well as the Senior Technical Project Manager for Microsoft, and the Principal Consultant for Citrix. With over 15 years of experience in software solution design, promotion, and consulting in virtualization, cloud computing, cloud-native, DevOps, and related fields.

The recording is READY for you!

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